Municipal / Government

The U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund partners with mayors and local governments on a customized program to improve the economic, performance and environmental conditions of cities and towns by providing the capital and expertise for energy efficient lighting installations around the world. As the public body most tied to our local communities, mayors and government leadership are under increasing pressure to govern with an eye towards stewardship of the environment and finding innovative solutions to budgetary shortfalls, while providing well functioning services to constituents. Balancing these demands requires a multi-faceted approach, which can be demanding for overburdened staff and often involves unchartered territory in dealing with a complex set of issues and questions, such as:
  • What impact will the installation have on the budget and local tax dollars both
    in the short and long term?
  • How does the municipality/government pay for the program and what impact
    will it have on the credit rating or ability to borrow in the future for other needs?
  • What sort of positive life cycle environmental impact will energy efficiency
    lighting have on the community?
  • How do we ensure that we are installing the right lighting technology and product?
  • How will it impact the aesthetics of our community?
  • What additional controls like dimming, public safety flashing and other central
    controls are possible?
  • How does the municipality/government work with the public utilities on
    these issues?
  • How will the community participate in and be a positive part of the process?
  • How can ARRA/Stimulus or other similar funding be leveraged to improve the
    savings for the city?

The U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund program answers and provides solutions for each of these questions in an integrated fashion. The Fund program provides capital, creativity and expertise while working closely with government officials to:

  • Provide the upfront capital to pay for full, government-wide lighting installations
    (large and small), including options to avoid impact to a government's credit
    rating or ability to borrow in the future. No more inefficient piecemeal or
    staggered purchases/installations of equipment. 
  • Reduce annual operating budgets through energy savings, reduced installation
    and maintenance expenses.
  • Provide the freedom to choose which  manufacturer/brand/type of product to
    install, so long as product quality and longevity meet the Fund program’s
    financial underwriting criteria and technical review. This approach maintains
    the product choice for an accepted participant of the Fund program, but ensures
    that it is working only with proven products and technology.
  • Identify additional supplemental funding sources, including grants, rebates and
    other incentive programs.  The Fund program staff can even assist with writing
    grant proposals and other opportunities.
  • Provide independent technical assistance for an RFP, including even running an RFP process to ensure the highest performing and most cost-efficient technologies are selected and the most appropriate, protective terms are received.
  • Provide higher quality and more reliable lighting for the community.
  • Significantly lower greenhouse gases and pollution.
  • Enable the local community to participate in the process and be recognized for
    adopting progressive sustainable energy and green technology policies.
  • Provide more efficient pricing by purchasing equipment in larger volumes.
  • Provide an efficient process through a turn-key solution.

The Municipal/Government Fund program is now accepting and reviewing applications from cities, towns and other governments on a rolling admission basis. To fill out an application, please click on the following link.