How it Works:

  1. You submit the initial application and a determination of preliminary eligibility to participate in the Program is made.
  2. The Fund program's staff contacts you to receive more underwriting information and to better understand your unique circumstances and needs.
  3. Once accepted, Fund program's staff works collaboratively with you and your team to provide you with technical and other assistance that you need with the project
  4. You pick the manufacturers/brands of lighting that you like.  There are no size limits. Large and small projects are eligible.  We can offer technical assistance. At your option, we can assist with or even run an independent RFP process to help you select the best technology with the most beneficial and protective terms.
  5. We incorporate and identify any supplemental funding sources (absolutely none are required) and work to integrate these into your funding to create a customized package that provides even greater financial benefits for you.  The Fund program's staff can even help write grant applications and assist with securing other subsidized financing. 
  6. Funds flow 30 to 60 days from date of Fund program acceptance and definition of final project specifications
  7. Please click on and submit the simple application and apply for an opportunity to receive funding to allow you to begin to save money and time, help the environment and drastically improve your lighting quality and performance.