Overview of Fund Administrator: 
Anka Funds is a private investment firm headquartered in Raleigh, NC focused on niche, underserved opportunities that have a positive social or environmental impact. Anka Funds is currently comprised of the Anka Sustainable Ventures Fund, which invests in the acceleration of companies with innovative products and technologies with central attributes that are environmentally or socially sustainable, the Anka Real Estate Opportunity Fund, which invests in undercapitalized, challenged or governmentally prioritized real estate assets and the U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund, a program which funds energy efficient lighting for local governments, organizations and corporations. The Principals of Anka have a long history working alongside mayors and other officials on redevelopment projects that incorporate sustainable elements and have deep, formalized relationships with various organizations of government officials.  The Anka team has collectively worked on well over $10 billion of transactions across a wide array of industries. Anka’s investment capital comes from partnerships with institutional, family office and other capital sources.

Anka's mission is to create positive outcomes for both our investors and the communities and stakeholders that are touched by our projects and companies. We target transactions with transformational potential but take a conservative approach with respect to making sure that our investors' capital and resources are protected in a downside situation. In doing so, we make sure that environmental responsibility, integrity and strong stakeholder relations are a vital part of everything we do. We set high standards for businesses in the area of environmental responsibility and believe that private entities can work in tandem with public institutions to reduce environmental impacts and efficiently accomplish both public and private objectives.


Building the National Homebuilder Mainstream GreenHome, a national award winning, first-in-southeast LEED Platinum home including over 100 government, nonprofit and technology partners and the first national launch of residential LED's in the U.S., taught Anka that lighting technology had experienced a revolution in the form of solid state lighting.  In a historically slow moving industry, Anka witnessed first-hand a quantum leap in technology performance and efficiency not seen since the invention of the Edison bulb.  At the time, Anka principals sought to integrate LED street, parking and other exterior lighting into the large real estate developments in the fund they helped manage, but were prohibited by the upfront costs, lack of familiarity, and limited project budgets.  Anka witnessed similar obstacles in working with one of its LED-related portfolio companies and recognized the need for financing solutions to overcome these impediments.  In response, Anka’s sustainable ventures platform developed a program to deliver financing and expertise that could be applied industry-wide and utilized by all projects utilizing quality LED technology. Today, Anka is proud to serve as the administrator of the U.S. Energy Efficient Lighting Fund and play a role in the widespread transformation to a more environmentally sustainable world.


For more information, visit www.ankafunds.com.